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"The secret of life is in art."
-Oscar Wilde, The English Romance

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Do you have a question you would like answered about Art? Ask me and I will find an answer. Just click on the "feedback" section in the menu above. recommended links:

Inside art: an art history game
This is an educational game that helps students learn about artits, learn about art, and how to connect them together. It is a very fun game. Teacher's should try it.
Mother of all art history links
Information on art history movements, artists, and other art related resources.
Smithsonian Magazine: Explore Art, Science and History
This site is another useful recource when researching art history. It has interesting topics and photographs.
Art History Network
This site gives you many recources to choose from as you research art history.

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"The search for roots and beginings is really the quest for continuation. For how can people know where they are going unless they know where they have been?"
-William Fleming, Arts & Ideas

"I loved your optimism article. Your insite was great and very meaningful."
-Heather of Augusta

The Story of Art
An interesting and concise view of the History of Art


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