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"The secret of life is in art."
-Oscar Wilde, The English Romance

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Rating Date Title
2001-03-26 Optimism in Art: Gorman and Michelangelo
2001-03-21 Vincent van Gogh?........Who is That?
2001-03-13 Celebrate National Woman's History Month: a Look at Mary Cassatt
2001-03-05 Why do we study the Humanities?
2001-02-22 activities to improve your skills as a student of the arts
2001-02-13 art history is a study into past emotions of humanity

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"The search for roots and beginings is really the quest for continuation. For how can people know where they are going unless they know where they have been?"
-William Fleming, Arts & Ideas

"I loved your optimism article. Your insite was great and very meaningful."
-Heather of Augusta

The Story of Art
An interesting and concise view of the History of Art


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