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"The secret of life is in art."
-Oscar Wilde, The English Romance

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Welcome to Art History Search

This site is dedicated to the education of art to all people. Hopefully you will gain a better understanding others and yourself as you study Art History.

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Optimism in Art: Gorman and Michelangelo
by M.R.J.
Optimism is something we can chose to use or choose not to use. Although there is a time for all emotions, even despair and sadness, use this month to find the beauty and peace portrayed in many pieces of art.

Vincent van Gogh?........Who is That?
by M.R.J.
A Dutch woman, sitting next to me on a train headed for Madrid, taught me a valuable lesson about van Gogh.

Celebrate National Woman's History Month: a Look at Mary Cassatt
by M.R.J
Mary Cassatt painted the feelings of a mother and child. She painted the intimate ways of a woman in her thoughts. All other women painted by men up until that point seemed to lack the real vitality and simplicity that comes with being a woman

Art News
Art Collecting 101
Scripps Howard News Service Art enthusiasts who are eager to start a collection but have neither the money for a Monet nor the eye of an expert should not be discouraged. ...
Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Finding Art at your Local K-Mart
Looking to expand its framed art business, Kmart has introduced a "featured artist" program that revolves around seasonal collections of work by acclaimed American artists. First up is watercolorist Paul Brent, ...
Source: Philadelphia Daily News

A Learning Link to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
This article is short, but helps show the Beauty in Los Angeles through the innovative eyes of artists.
Source: Los Angeles Times

Collector's art find may be an original
Like I always said, having knowledge in Art History can earn you lots of money.
Source: St. Paul/Minneapolis Pioneer Planet

Art by five students promotes recycling
This article portrays the importance art can have on our lives. The children in this article know that their art will make a difference by reminding people to recycle.
Source: Courier & Press

Question & Answer
"My wife always makes me feel like I can not understand movies because I do not have enough understanding of art. She went to college and graduated in humanities. But I, on the other hand, had my fill, and could not stomach it after a few semesters. We've had many warm discussions over the matter. It is true that after virtually every movie we watch I end up asking her to explain parts of it. I do not think that studying art or humanities and every thing of that nature is bad, of course. I simply thought that a person could get by in life, relatively well, without all that. so who's right? Me? or the me who partially agrees with her? or totally her?" -- Dave of Augusta

Tips From Readers
I just visited Monterey Museum of Art. I am not one to go for museums, but I liked this one. It is worth checking out if you are ever in the area. -- Parson of Harrisburg

Additional Resources:
Inside art: an art history game
This is an educational game that helps students learn about artits, learn about art, and how to connect them together. It is a very fun game. Teacher's should try it.

Mother of all art history links
Information on art history movements, artists, and other art related resources.

Smithsonian Magazine: Explore Art, Science and History
This site is another useful recource when researching art history. It has interesting topics and photographs.

Art History Network
This site gives you many recources to choose from as you research art history.

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"The search for roots and beginings is really the quest for continuation. For how can people know where they are going unless they know where they have been?"
-William Fleming, Arts & Ideas

"I loved your optimism article. Your insite was great and very meaningful."
-Heather of Augusta

The Story of Art
An interesting and concise view of the History of Art


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